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PostSubject: Announcements   Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:09 pm

This is the forum for which we will be hosting discussion in regards to role play on World of Warcraft's Wyrmrest Accord realm.

Your membership has been part of open invitation, as the invitation is open to other guilds with similar intent to legitimately improve or support the act of role playing/writing on the game. This membership, however, is privileged to individuals and will be revoked in the event that the details of the terms of service are breached. This is to benefit players who wish to be benefited. Individual cooperation in this forum is not a requirement, and no guild will be penalized for the misfortune of any individual. This is not to pick and choose sides or single people out, it is to maintain the dignity of this idea and the efforts of those who contribute to it.  

The aesthetics of the forum may be subject to change in the near future. The skin in use seemed suitable for the theme. I found several WoW themed ones but they didn't quite hit the mark. I'm open for the proposal of new skins at any times. Please PM the Admin account with your link or to open discussion for your volunteer graphics experience.

I must stress now, in this announcement, that the success of this coalition is dependent SOLELY on your individual participation. I am making the assumption that you are interested and that you do want to be a part in this, that you want to exercise your voice on the matters being discussed. I will not stress over your membership as an individual or guild. I'm giving it a shot to coordinate what you either chose not to or failed to. I'm not here to beg you, or hold your hand. This will not be made a war field for insignificant drama on any level of character (IC, OOC, etc.).

You are expected here to act as a leader, especially as a GM. You represent your guild until we are prepared to move to the next step, Officers. Your status as a writer, be it casual or elite, is not the concern of this forum or anyone participating in it. I will hold you all accountable for several honorary codes of conduct listed below. Though I will not expect more of you than what you are, I hold the hope you will seek achievement of a higher character.

- No swearing/cursing what so ever. This isn't the place, and the act devolves into outright unhealthy events. Consider this a United Guilds forum, act like an adequate ambassador. 

- No petty conflicts will either enter, spawn, or leave this forum. Your inter-personal affairs are not the concern of this forum. If you do not enter with an objective critical mind, this may prove difficult. Remember the aim and course of this forum above all, and the sweetness of the rewards it can bring.

- No attacks or degrading of people. Assume people are here and participating with the best of intentions. Any slights are best settled in confrontation, i.e. "Did you mean to insult me by saying...?" Text can be misleading without the vocal inflections and body language of the walking world. Do your best to perceive messages as they were intended. On that note, avoid the use of sarcasm and other tones of guile or deception.

Normally I'd simply promote what we should be doing to reinforce the positive air, but in light of several incidents and accusations I find it necessary to snuff out the child's play on the vanguard of this project. This isn't another attempt at a good idea if I can help it, it will be a success. To the naysayers, I suggest you read up on the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

The forum was ultimately chosen to permit you all to lead on with your own lives, game time, and so forth as normal, to interject on topics as time or interest permits. Please make full use of its functions. I'm more than welcome to suggestions for additional modifications to the forum as we see necessary. Contact me directly via private message for these matters.

I'll be posting topics as soon as possible. I suggest checking this forum in your leisure for any changes or responses. The end product, our mission, is to have a full set of guides and regulations to streamline our role playing. The vision, perhaps, is to see these ideas standardized on Wyrmrest Accord as well as other RP oriented realms. Your participation is invaluable. Thank you, personally, for your interest, time, and cooperation. I wish the best to the success of our efforts.
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